I keep getting asked about the story behind Damn Dog wine. For those of you who know Ken and Jane Mayer this story will make you smile. . 

Once upon a time there was an Basset Hound named Otto.

Otto chose to live with Ken and Jane Meyer. 

Jane loved Basset Hounds, Ken. . . not so much. While Jane lavished time and attention on Otto, Ken treated him like a DOG!

Otto, being a precocious puppy, decided to demand the attention from Ken that he knew he deserved. Although Otto was just trying to play, in Ken Meyer's words “that damn dog keeps trying to trip me.”

Otto’s successful attempts at attention getting, (i.e. tripping Ken) meant he also became accustomed to being called Damn Dog and there came a day when that was the name he answered to.

Unfortunately for a Jane, Otto (Damn Dog) was also something of an escape artist. He would regularly manage to get out of the house and roam the neighborhood of Southern Hills. So Jane Meyer, a very proper lady, would find herself searching the neighborhood, whispering as loudly as she could, “Damn Dog, come home Damn Dog”

Meyer Farms is proud to introduce Damn Dog Red and Damn Dog White in honor of Otto the Basset Hound.


Bonnie Bell 

Meyer Farms